Group Leader

Dr. Leila Yousefi

Associate Professor
Office: Room 718
Phone: 021-8208-9769
Personal Web Page: Dr. Yousefi’s Page

PhD Students

Vahid Ghaffari

Thesis Subject: Realization of Optical Beam Steering for LIDAR Applications.

Amin Monemian

Thesis Subject: Control of Electromagnetic Waves using Nano-Particles.

Mahsa Valizadeh

Thesis Subject: Invisibility Cloak using Nano-Structures.

Mohammad Javad Siahkari

Thesis Subject: THz generation by Metasurfaces Structures.

MSc Students


Atefe Shahsavaripour

Thesis Subject: Design and Optimization of Wide Band Metamaterial-Based Absorbers using Neural Network Algorithms.


Sadra Abrari

Thesis Subject: Tunable Photonic Topological Insulators.


Mohammadreza Ashrafian

Thesis Subject: Subwavelength Imaging using Orbital Angular Momentum (OAM) Waves.


Kavian Zirak

Thesis Subject: Efficient Coupling of Light from Waveguides to Self-Rolled-Up Microtubes for Realization of Optical Devices.


Reza Akbari

Thesis Subject: mode converters and mode splitters using integrated metasurfaces.


Omid Hosseinzadeh

Thesis Subject: Designing and shaping the Radiation Pattern of Plasmonic Nano-Antennas to be used in Optical Sensors.


Ehsan Zahedi, MSc, Summer 2022

  • Thesis Subject: Design, Analysis, and Development of Optical Sensors using Self- Rolled-Up Microtubes

Mohammadali Shameli, PhD, Fall 2021

  • Thesis Subject: Efficiency Enhanced Solar Cells using Nano-Structures.

Hamid Akbari, MSc, Summer 2021

  • Thesis Subject: Sub-wavelength Imaging using Gradient Metasurfaces.

Amir Fallah, MSc, Summer 2021

  • Thesis Subject: Enhancing the incident angle’s band in carpet cloaking using deep neural networks and evolutionary algorithms.

Pooria Salami, PhD, Fall 2020

  • Thesis Subject: Sub-Wavelength Imaging using Optical Hyperbolic Metamaterials.

Hadi Mohajerani, MSc, Summer 2020

  • Thesis Subject: Efficency Enhanced Solar Cells using Travelling Wave Nano-Antennas.

Mohammad-Reza Safaeian, MSc, Summer 2020

  • Thesis Subject: Realization of  Sensitive Biomedical Sensors Using Beam Steering.

Omid Abed, MSc, Summer 2020

  • Thesis Subject: Realization of Optical Beam Steering for Integrated Lidars.

Mohammad Reza Fathizadeh, MSc, Fall 2018

  • Thesis Subject: Solar Cell Antennas (Solants) for Satellite Applications.

Mostafa Honari, MSc, Fall 2018

  • Thesis Subject: Photonic Topological Insulators.

Sadjad Heidarpour, MSc, Winter 2018

  • Thesis Subject: Wideband Metamaterial-Based Absorbers.

Taghi Mohammadi, MSc, Fall 2017

  • Thesis Subject: Energy Harvesting using Metamaterials.

Mohammad A. Shameli, MSc, Fall 2017

  • Thesis Subject: Efficiency Enhanced Solar Cells using MetaSurfaces.

Fatemeh Taghian, PhD, Fall 2016

  • Thesis: Efficiency Enhanced Thin Film Solar Cells using Hybrid Plasmonic Nano-Antennas.

Mahdad Mansouri, MSc, Fall 2016

  • Thesis: Highly Sensitive Optical Bio-Sensors using Nano-Antennas.

Hadi Balegh, MSc, Winter 2016

  • Thesis: Side Lobe Level Reduction in Horn Antennas using Graphene.

Behzad Ashrafi-Nia, MSc, Spring 2015

  • Thesis: Optical Plasmonic Phased Array Nano-Antennas using Rotman Lens.
  • Winner of the IEEE Iran Section Outstanding Thesis Award.

Mohammad Ali Panahi, MSc, Spring 2015

  • Thesis: Design, Analysis, and Optimization of Optical Plasmonic Slot Nano-Antennas.

Vahid Ebrahimi, MSc, Winter 2015

  • Thesis: Development of an Optical Interconnect using Travelling Wave Plasmonic Nano-Antennas.

Maziar Shoaei, MSc, Fall 2014

  • Thesis: Nano-Structured Optical Switches using Graphene-Based Hyperbolic Metamaterials.

Morteza Yarahmadi, MSc, Fall 2014

  • Thesis: THz Switches using Graphene-Based Plasmonic Structures.

Mahboobeh Faraji, MSc, Fall 2014

  • Thesis: THz Perfect Absorbers using Graphene-Based Metamaterials.

Zahra Mostajabi, MSc, Fall 2014

  • Thesis: High Gain and Effiecient Miniaturized Folded Antenna using Metamaterials.